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Helping your company thrive

NDTMA is the only organization that brings together the top NDT decision makers in a small noncompetitive setting to discuss the real issues that affect NDT companies. From regulatory and certification changes to emerging technologies to insurance, back office management, succession planning and more, NDTMA is here to help you and your business thrive and grow. NDTMA is a global NDT trade association which holds an annual conference, monthly webinars, and other programs that help you really focus on the successful management of your business. NDTMA is over 50 years old and has a rich history of cooperative knowledge sharing between companies that are in the NDT market. From one-person companies to global NDT leaders, at NDTMA there is something for everyone. To find out more, contact our Executive Director today.

NDTMA Company Fees

Company membership includes all webinars for all member company employees plus two attendees at the annual conference, all for one low annual company fee.

Initial Membership: $650

Membership Renewal: $400

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