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NDTMA is the only organization that brings together the top NDT decision makers in a small non-competitive setting to discuss the real issues that affect NDT companies.


From regulatory and certification changes to emerging technologies to insurance, back office management, succession planning and more, NDTMA is here to help you and your business thrive and grow. NDTMA is a global NDT trade association which holds an annual conference, monthly webinars, and other programs that help you really focus on the successful management of your business.


NDTMA is over 50 years old and has a rich history of cooperative knowledge sharing between companies that are in the NDT market. From one-person companies to global NDT leaders, at NDTMA there is something for everyone. 


Company membership includes:

  • Reduced exhibit rates at Annual Conference

  • Two FREE attendees at Annual Conference 

  • Membership listing on NDTMA website

  • Webinars for all member company employees 

Initial Membership:  $650

Membership Renewal:  $400

Membership Fee

What Members Are Saying...


The benefits of membership in NDTMA are many. It provides an outstanding opportunity to network with other key NDT managers and professionals representing a broad array of services and products. The management and technical sessions at their annual conferences are especially beneficial with current and meaningful subjects. Above all, NDTMA membership is an honor!

- Charles Hellier

NDT Classroom | The Summit Group



”In 1988 I became involved in the NDTMA organization via Amersham Corp.  Of all of the NDT Professional organizations that I have been associated with throughout my career I feel that NDTMA has more of a connection with the industry than any of the other organizations, in particularly the NDT Laboratories sector. The NDTMA objectives, the message and conferences they hold offer valuable information and resources to its membership. Because of those objectives I saw it as an honor to serve on the Board of Directors and as President of NDTMA in 2010”.

- Curt Auzenne

VP Global Sales, QSA Global

In my 30+ year of being involved in the Nondestructive Testing industry, I have been fortunate to be involved my different industry organizations.  I can say without a doubt NDTMA is the go to organization when I want to network and connect with real decision makers within our markets.  Every year at the annual NDTMA conference I leave the event with several actionable items to follow up on that lead to direct sales opportunities.


If you’re in the NDT industry and not a part of NDTMA you are missing a major opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

- Eric Thams

Test Equipment Distributors

A BIG Thank You to George & Barbara Moran for their 28 Years of Exceptional Service to NDTMA.

Check out his retirement video.

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