NDT Scholarship Awards

It is the wish of the NDTMA to provide to deserving students that are in approved Nondestructive Testing Training programs, the opportunity to receive a scholarship grant to help them defray their NDT educational costs.  The NDTMA Board has authorized the issuance of up to two (2) $2,500 scholarships on an annual basis.  This number and/or amount may be changed from year-to-year, at the discretion of the Board and depending on the ability of the organization to make such awards.

Scholarship Committee:

The NDTMA Scholarship Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of (5) five members, approved by the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for administering the NDTMA Scholarship activities. The committee members shall declare their interest in serving on the committee annually.

Award Criteria:

The NDTMA is not in a position to evaluate which students require such aid or are most likely to receive the best benefits from this program.  Therefore, the criteria for reward shall be based upon the historical success of the various NDT training institutions in producing qualified and successful NDT personnel graduates.

Each NDT Training facility that is interested in working with NDTMA in this program is required to submit its request to do so by completing the NDTMA Scholarship Application Form.   The NDTMA Scholarship Committee will select up to two schools each year based upon the NDTMA’s ability to fund the scholarships.

The selection of these institutions is based upon the recommendation of the NDTMA Scholarship Committee, and subject to the approval of the NDTMA Board of Directors.

The applicable NDT training institution will determine the actual person receiving the scholarship.   The NDT training institution will inform NDTMA of the award winner and provide a statement that all of the provisions of eligibility have been met prior to the actual issuance of the award.

Award Restrictions:

  • The nominated student must be a current registered student in the NDT training program and cannot be receiving any other NDT scholarship benefits.
  • NDT institutions that have not received an award in the previous 36 months will be given preference in awarding a scholarship in any given year.  No more than one (1) award may be received in a period of 12 months by a single NDT institution.
  • A training institution must be in the business of graduating NDT students for a period of at least (3) three years prior to be eligible for scholarship award benefits.
  • Scholarship recipients shall not be related to any school official, instructors, or other school employees at the time of the scholarship award.
  • No NDTMA present or past Board of Directors family member or relative shall be eligible for the scholarship program.
  • The Scholarship award amount shall be disbursed in full to the selected student(s) with no deductions for fees, administrative costs, or other incidental organizational expenses.

Approval Process

1-   Scholarship applications will be accepted and accumulated during a twelve (12) month period from September 1 until August 31.

2 – The accumulated applications received during the twelve (12) month period will be submitted to the scholarship committee after August 31.

3 – The scholarship committee will review the applications and make recommendations to the board of directors for no more than two, $2500 scholarship awards by October 1.

4 – The board of directors will review and approve or reject the recommendations at their October/November board meeting.

5 – The approved scholarship awards will be sent to the respective educational institutions before December 31

Rev 5

Revised and approved 11/18/2019

Download Scholarship Application here:  Scholarship Application

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