2018 Conference Abstracts & Presentations


NDTMA 2018 Conference Abstracts & Presentations


Please note that some download are relatively large files so they may take time to download.

The 2018 Annual Conference was held on February 13-15, 2018 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The program content and abstracts of the presentations are as follows. Selecting the presentation of interest after “DOWLOAD” will download a pdf version of that presentation.

Keynote Address

Train as You Fight, Fight as You Train, and Lead by Example

 Keni Thomas, Former Army Ranger (Blackhawk Down)

Presented by Virtual Media Integration (VMI)

Keni Thomas captivates audiences from beginning to end as he tells the incredible story of extraordinary individuals and how they fought to bring each other home.  He will guide you through an incredible story of teamwork and leadership, relating his experience in Mogadishu Somalia with the 3rd Ranger Battalion as part of an elite special operations package called Task Force Ranger.  Drawing from his experiences on the battlefield, Keni inspires people to achieve greatness by stressing the importance of outstanding leadership at every level, even if the only person you are leading is yourself.

Keni sums it up like this, “Leadership has never been about the rank or the position you hold. It’s about the example you set. There are people to your left and to your right who are counting on you and it’s up to you to deliver. But you will only be as good as you prepared yourself to be.”  Join us as we hear an inspiring and motivational story of bravery and leadership.

Go to  http://kenithomas.com for introduction video and information



Brian Halata and Wade Padrnos – Co-Chairs

NDT Technology for New Jet Engine Designs
Henry (Hank) Sikorski, Pratt & Whitney

Jet engine design and manufacturing is evolving and driving NDT Inspection systems to progress more rapidly than ever with new inspection technologies emerging and older technologies getting much needed technical updates. NDT inspection systems are benefiting from Manufacturing 4.0.  While some of the latest technologies implemented in production NDT systems simplify the user interface, the systems are very complex and create a new set of challenges when recruiting, qualifying, and supporting inspection personnel and systems. Aligning inspection systems to engineering requirements with qualified inspectors and robust inspection systems in an Industry 4.0 environment requires a much more methodical approach than past NDT application processes.

Download Presentation here:  Sikorski


Phased Array Ultrasonics (UT) in Lieu of Radiography (RT)
Jeremy Timm, Curtiss Wright Nuclear Division

Recent advances in Phased Array UT (PAUT) coupled with the delivery of consistent protocols have led to more frequent use of PAUT in lieu of radiography.  PAUT offers several advantages over radiography including, eliminating the radiological risk associated with the exposure of a radiographic isotope, eliminating the need for an exclusion boundary during radiography, thereby allowing work to proceed during examination.  PAUT also provides better flaw imagery allowing for better location of flaws during defect removal.  This presentation will discuss the development of an effective PAUT program for delivery in lieu of radiography in ASME Code (Sections III, VIII and XI) and B31.1 applications.  It will describe the regimen utilized for procedure development and personnel qualification as well as specific field applications.

Download Presentation here:  Timm


Optimize Inspection Evaluations by Integrating a Digital Data Management System

 Jonathan Martinez, PK Technologies

All industrial complexes, from oil refineries, petrochemical, and gas-processing plants to medical manufacturing complexes, require periodical inspections, audits and assessments. The types of equipment to be assessed can range from gigantic boilers, vessels, tanks and rotating equipment, to smaller, ancillary items such as safety harnesses and fire extinguishers.

Yet, despite a plethora of generational advances in technologies, recent studies show that as much as 90% of today’s asset inspections are vulnerable to “dirty data” collection and retention, which is then incorporated into facility documentation and management systems.

In response to the challenge of widespread data inaccuracies, the first comprehensive Digital Data Management System (DDMS) has reduced the dirty data problem and will continue by integrating NDE tools.

Download Presentation here:  Martinez


Brian Anderson – Chair

Harmony of Quality for NDT Training
Don Locke, Hellier NDT

The purpose of this presentation is communication on what makes a quality training program, and will include the following points:

  1. Initial Training is vital for a strong foundation as an inspector. This industry needs inspectors, not equipment operators
  2. Level I is a trainee / operator (45 years of observation)
  3. Training not validated by performance capability is worth very little
  4. DOE, POD, Performance Demonstration (BP PAUT example PCN and ASNT certifications do not equal capability)
  5. Training never stops, refreshers / audits validate real-time capability
  6. Online refresher courses / New technology comprehension / Annual workshops / Spot audits
  7. Level IIIs must validate the complete certification process, starting with training
  8. No program can be successful without a foundation of excellence and continuous verification
  9. We need to change the minimum requirement culture by raising the bar on expectations of performance
  10. Culture changes with time by consistent leadership and vision
  11. How did we get where we are in 2018?
  12. NDT Training is a business, not in competition with ASNT or ISO; In-house training or outsourced training are business decisions
  13. These points are in harmony with what ASNT in the US wants for anyone holding an ASNT Certificate of Certification
  14. Certification harmony is part of the new NDT training and certification culture
  15. I expect more “shall” type requirements in documents driving training and certification
  16. I expect higher exam and performance requirements not minimum 70% scores
  17. The challenge is the business case for more training and higher scores when catastrophic failures are not driving the NDT business.

Download Presentation here:  Locke


An Update on ASNT’s ACCP Program and Integration Plan for ISO Harmonization
Dave Bajula, Acuren Inspection

It’s a very interesting time in personnel certification and credentialing right now.  This presentation will give you details on the latest enhancements to ASNT’s Certification programs including ACCP and the new Oil & Gas Sector examinations as well as the transitioning option to fully integrated ISO programs.

The speaker will also update you on ASNT’s Center for Excellence (CfE) and the robust programs and offerings that ASNT will be rolling out over the next several months, including, but not limited to, Education & Training, Certification Services and Accreditation Services.

Download Presentation here:  Bajula


Integrating Inspection Instrumentation and Cloud Computing to Maximize Efficiency and Productivity
Dianne Hillhouse, Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas

Growth trends for cloud computing expansion in industrial products are clear.  Customers, including inspection service providers, asset owners, manufacturers and fabricators are interested in connected devices and cloud services to improve efficiency and control.  This presentation discusses the role of cloud computing and connected devices in NDT maintenance and manufacturing applications. Connected instrumentation provides real time data management, better data integrity, consistent device and fleet management capabilities, remote service and applications support and internal/external collaboration.

Download Presentation here:  Hillhouse NDTMA 2018


Think Outside the Slide
Kimberly Fanelli, Reposition, Inc.

According to Forrester Research, less than 20% of what is presented using passive slide presentations is retained by the audience.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  This session will show you how to define and deliver your messages with impact.  Attendees will receive tips based on presentation best practices and learn how simple changes can yield big results. Attendees will discover:

  • What kind of presentation should I be doing?
  • What are the best tools for the job?
  • How can I make my presentation as engaging as possible?

Download Presentation here: To be posted in a few days


How to Prepare for a NADCAP Audit
Scott Zimmer, Justin Lehmann & Max Daugherty, Quality Testing Services

This presentation is designed to provide an overview for companies wanting to understand how to prepare for a Nadcap Nondestructive Testing Audit.  The presentation will cover a range of topics including the scope and structure of the Nadcap Audit, suggested timelines, common non-conformances, audit checklists and pre-audit requirements. This presentation will be given by a consultant specializing in Nadcap audit preparation, audit representation and is an expert in nondestructive testing.

Download Presentation here:  Daugherty



Walt Cofer and Dennis Chedraui – Co-Chairs

NRC Update on Regulatory Activities Affecting Industrial Radiography

Duncan White, USNRC

The NRC recently issued a policy statement saying that while a rule change wasn’t forthcoming any time soon, the Commission will allow use of dual electronic dosimeters/alarm ratemeters.  The use of digital PM badges will also be discussed, along with enforcement actions related to 10 CFR Part 37.  Other topics of interest to the NDT community will be addressed, including comments on a reported halt to the promulgation of new rules.

Download Presentation here:  White


Preserving Access to Radioactive Sources – An Update from Washington on the Legislative and Regulatory Environment on Sealed Sources
Caroline Alexander, American Nuclear Society

Radiation technologies and materials are a critical and underappreciated component of our modern economy, and their use extends into nearly every sector of industry. However, fear of radiation, caused by its often-negative connotations and a misunderstanding of its utilizations, can discourage its use. Ensuring accurate and risk-informed regulation is critical to the strength of the diverse economic sectors that use these technologies and materials in their daily work.  This presentation will provide an update on the current regulatory and legislative environment for sealed sources.

Download Presentation here:  Alexander


Mobile Source Transit Security Solutions for Industrial Radiography
Kurt Silvers & Michael Carr, Pacific NW Nat’l Laboratory

Enhancing the security of Industrial Radiography cameras as they move from home base to the field and back has been the focus of the Office of Radiological Security (ORS) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for the past several years.  The Mobile Source Transit Security (MSTS) system was developed to achieve near-real time monitoring of radiography cameras while in route, at job site and at home base.  With field studies underway and formal pilots to begin in spring of 2018, the new technology is making its way into daily operations.   The ORS vision of this voluntary program will be shared and the process for signing up and participating provided.

Download Presentation here:  Silvers


Rebecca Rudolph – Chair

How Your Business Should Use NDTMA.Org to Increase Leads and Revenue in 2018
Adam Friedman, Ovenlight Marketing

We’ll take an honest look at www.ndtma.org and its value to our members. The website is a source for conference information, both past and future but it’s also home the growing NDT Directory. Did you know every member has a listing? Have you claimed yours? We’ll demonstrate the directory system and share new member opportunities for advertising and guest content.

Download Presentation here:  Friedman


Cognitive Learning and the Future of NDT 

Noah Fredette, Comet Technologies

Cognitive Services are the next chapter of the quickly and ever adapting world of intelligent automation.  Computers and instruments are able to be trained, and learn, based on a particular application or task that needs to be completed. From back office administration to descriptive image recognition, Cognitive Services will change how NDT companies run their businesses as well as the technologies that give them access to new and more demanding markets.

Download Presentation here:  Fredette


Management 101:  Issues Facing Your Business in Today’s Political Climate

Rebecca Stewart & Mark Tedford, Tedford Insurance

The presentation will be an overview of current issues facing business owners/leadership in employee relations and employment law.  The speaker will discuss the impact of the Trump -administration policies on businesses & employees – including the Affordable Care Act., the new tax laws & equal pay provisions.  As businesses navigate the changes in regulations & the tax code, communicating the effects to their employee base is complex.  The presentation will present ways to ensure your employees are well informed and your business remains in compliance.

Download Presentation here:  Tedford



Tony Sansavera – Chair

Evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) for NDT Applications – A Business Case
Steve Strachan & Bruce Pellegrino, Sensors Networks, Inc.

The Internet 0f Things, or IoT, is rapidly expanding as both a technology for productivity improvement and a new platform for service providers to grow their businesses.  This presentation will present the various technology paths for NDT and IoT integration along with several business models and applications.

Download Presentation here:  Pellegrino


How to Attract Executive Talent to Your Family / Privately Held Business
Todd Hohauser, Harvey Hohauser and Associates

As the baby boomer demographic becomes more real, companies are entering a war for talent. Executive leadership is in high demand and the current workforce is not trained or interested in joining traditional manufacturing related employment.  In order to compete for this labor market companies must be prepared to battle some of the most attractive companies in the world (Google, Apple, Tesla, etc.) for this talent.  By preparing and defining core values of the company and clearly defining norms and behaviors that employees should demonstrate, businesses will be more successful, and this will create a culture which will be a loadstone for talent.

At the same time, thought and consideration must be given to the search process when recruiting executives.  Finalist candidates are being courted by many potential employers and have several offers in hand at the end of an interview process.  By putting thought, structure and consideration into this search process, success will be guaranteed.  Todd will share fifteen (15) best practice tips to help business owners and leaders attract and recruit top talent

Download Presentation here:   Hohauser


The Psychology of Selling
Gary Smith, On & On Consulting

Words matter.  Join a fascinating look at some of the recent research into how, with only slight changes in the words you use, you can improve your sales and overall client communications.  Guaranteed there is something actionable for everyone as a take-away to improve your selling.

Download Presentation here:  Smith


Stop Selling to Sell More
Erik Meier, Sandler Training – The Meier Group

Stop Selling to Sell More – It’s not selling. As a productive seller you set the stage for the buyer to discover that your product/service will solve a pain he/she currently has, or shortly will have. In this session, you will learn that your behavior, attitude, technique and asking questions allows your prospect to “discover” his/her own reasons for purchasing. The prospect does not see, hear, or feel you selling. The prospect sees you listening and making suggestions. This effect on the prospect is that suddenly you are the smartest and most effective problem-solver he/she has ever encountered.

Download Presentation here:  Meier


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