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615 Iron City Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
615 Iron City Drive Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15205 US

VFG Leasing & Finance helps empower customers and vendors to achieve their commercial objectives by creating affordable and flexible equipment leasing and financing solutions for the acquisition of all types of capital equipment, software and services that businesses need to function and grow. We are part of an industry that helps stimulate global economic activity by providing the “fuel” for a domestic equipment finance market worth over $725 billion annually.  Companies choose leasing for a variety of reasons.  Informed business managers realize that it is the use of equipment, as opposed to ownership, that creates profits and cash flow.  Successful business managers also realize that there are benefits to lease financing equipment over bank financing.  Whether your firm’s decision to lease (or finance) is driven by cash flow, tax benefits, inflation concerns, budget constraints, the need to keep up with changing technology, or simply out of convenience; leasing is a commendable way to procure equipment.

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