Jesse Garant Metrology Center

4610 Stecker St, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States
4610 Stecker Street Dearborn Michigan 48126 US

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a globally recognized part inspection company, providing NDT and metrology services using advanced imaging equipment.

Part Inspection Solutions

Pre-production – Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s pre-production inspection services are ideal for “fit and function” or dimensional measurements on parts or assemblies before production begins.

Production – Production inspection is our premier service offering and used when production parts can’t fail and 100% validation is required for every part.

Failure Investigation – Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s failure investigation services are ideal when customers have to see inside a part without dismantling or destroying to clearly identify a failure.

Part Sorting – High volume part inspection and sorting services are invaluable when good parts need to be re-introduced back into production with 100% certainty.

Reverse Engineering Services – Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s reverse engineering services are the perfect fit for customers that only want the very best in data quality and accuracy.


Part Inspection Services

Industrial CT Scanning Services – Through expert analytical support and the ability to match every part with the proper CT system, our Industrial CT scanning services continue to be the gold standard in industry today.

Industrial X-ray Services – High precision digital radiography and x-ray services provide definitive results in an easy to interpret format.

3D Scanning Services – Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s 3D Scanning Services are the perfect fit when data quality and accuracy is number one.

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