5216 Pacific Boulevard, Huntington Park, CA 90255, USA
5216 Pacific Blvd Huntington Park CA 90255

Aircraft X-ray Laboratories, Inc. over seven decades ago helped pioneer non-destructive testing.

Today, we’re still pioneers in the industry. For instance, we helped pioneer the concept of offering a full range of inspection and surface treatments at one convenient location; thus reducing transportation costs and assuring delivery dates.

We also helped initiate many of the inspection methods the industry now uses routinely, such as Chemical Conversion Coating, Painting, Anodizing, Etching, and Surface Treatments.

As the needs of the industry changed and grew, we also changed and grew. For example, when you needed fast, dependable pick up and delivery service, we met that challenge. We pioneered a free pick up and delivery policy using our own fleet of completely enclosed trucks.

When you needed services you and your customers can rely on, we at Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories provided those services that are 100% certified  as are required by many of the largest prime contractors of military and commercial aircraft as well as NADCAP. We strive to always provide those services in the most efficient and professional manner; our goal is to earn your business and guarantee your satisfaction by any means possible. At Aircraft X-Ray Laboratories, our number one priority is to our customers and with that, you are assured to always receive our best. You can rest assured because no one in the industry can offer you more experienced, dedicated, and highly trained staff of inspection and surface treatment experts. Our exceptional history will attest to that fact.

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