DFR for Individual Monitoring Device Rulemaking

We received the following information from Tony McMurtray, Senior Project Manager, NMSS/MSST/MSTB, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on March 18, 2020

As noted during my presentation last month at the NDTMA (Annual) meeting, the NRC was close to putting the “Individual Monitoring Devices” (Digital Dosimetry) rulemaking out in the Federal Register.  This direct final rule went into the Federal Register today.

Please share this information with anyone that may be interested.  This rule will be effective on June 16, 2020 unless the NRC receives significant adverse comments.  If you would like to comment on this rulemaking, please follow the instructions in the Federal Register notice.  Guidance for this rule is also available at the ADAMS Accession No. provided in the Federal Register Notice.

This new rule will allow industrial radiographers, irradiators workers, and well loggers to use digital dosimetry for the permanent dose of record.

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