2020 Annual Conference Abstracts and Presentations

2020 Annual NDT Conference Abstracts and Presentations

The 2020 Annual Conference was held on February 11-13, 2020 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The program content and abstracts of the presentations are as follows. Selecting the presentation of interest after “DOWLOAD” will download a pdf version of that presentation.

Keynote Address

Presented by Virtual Media Integration (VMI)

SUBJECT – “Pride, Poise and Team”

Speaker – Colonel Gregory D. Gadson

Colonel Gregory D. Gadson, a Chesapeake, Va., native, served our nation in the United States Army for more than 26 years, serving in combat in Desert Storm, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.   In May 2007, as commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery, Col. Gadson’s greatest challenge came in Iraq, where an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack cost him both legs above the knees and normal use of his right arm and hand.  Despite this, Gadson remained on active duty in the Army and continued to inspire many with his message of courage, perseverance, determination and teamwork.  Col. Gadson will tell us his unique and remarkable story. He will relate how he used the core principle of “Pride, Poise, and Team” to rise above his injuries and how he still lives by this motto today to succeed in his family, career, and life.  Additional background information is provided in the conference program flyer.  We are honored to welcome Colonel Gadson as our Keynote speaker, and we thank VMI for bringing him to us.


Loren Sandberg and Wade Padrnos – Co-Chairs

Technique Development for the Detection and Sizing of High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)
Guy Maes, Zetec & Tom Jenkins, Sensor Networks, Inc.

High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) is a huge problem for hydrocarbon processing asset owners that have ageing and susceptible equipment including pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping systems.  HTHA has been around for more than five decades, and various NDE techniques have been tried over those years with limited success. The 2010 Tesoro HTHA-induced, fatality-causing failure has created renewed focus on finding a reliable and cost-effective inspection strategy and NDT technique for the detection and sizing of HTHA damage.  This presentation will cover the joint development of advanced UT techniques that include instrument, optimized transducer design and software to significantly improve the inspection process.

Download presentation here Maes & Jenkins2020

Building Total Focusing Method (TFM) Procedures for Challenging Inspections

Emile Peloquin, Olympus  

Advanced inspection techniques utilizing FMC (Full Matrix Capture) and TFM (Total Focusing Method) have shown some promise for improving specific applications in the past few years. However, inspectors using this method are often subject to a lot of trial-and-error to achieve the optimal results. Many challenges are still encountered today in TFM inspection when selecting a propagation mode, for examples effectively preventing blind spots, confirming the angle of reflection, or optimizing for preferential gain direction, etc. The selection of the most appropriate mode of propagation (i.e. imaging path) is critical for an effective TFM inspection and is often problematic and still esoteric for the inspectors. Selecting the right mode of propagation requires extensive procedure development on simulation software to ensure proper detectability and perpendicularity of the beams with the reflectors (defects). This is especially the case for directional defects such as those found in ERW and some girth welds. The Acoustic Region of Influence (AROI) simulator, is a theoretical amplitude representation (color map) of the region, mode of propagation and type of reflector selected for the TFM inspection. Therefore, multiple imaging paths and inspection regions can be selected to obtain the optimal probability of detection (POD) for a given indication or damage mechanism. In this presentation, we will describe a wave propagation modeling technique that calculates the predicted signal response in the TFM zone created for both pulse-echo and self-tandem modes of propagation and how it can help the inspectors to confidently decide. Multiple applications will be presented demonstrating the advantages and improvements in predicting, planning and executing TFM inspections.

Download presentation here Peloquin2020

NDT of Composites and Advances in Manual Scanning Equipment
John Register, R-Con NDT, Inc.

Nondestructive testing of composite materials has evolved over the years from using traditional single point ultrasonic flaw detectors and transducers to updated Array and Automated instruments that have powerful A, B and C scan capability. The manual inspection of composite laminates and bonded structures still have detection concerns compared to fully automated scanning systems and this includes reliability, consistency, interpretation and human factors.

This presentation will go over composite laminate and bonded structure and typical defects that can occur in them. We will review traditional Single Point Ultrasonic Testing and break down more modern Phased Array and Linear Array Test equipment. We will also discuss Linear Array sensors for various applications including flat and curved part surfaces.

Download presentation here Register2020

Introducing a New Destructive NDT Modality – LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) for Truly Portable Carbon Analysis of Metals Including Separating Stainless L & H Grades
Mark Lessard, Brian Wilson & Don Mears, Thermo Fisher

The presentation will include explaining how this new spectroscopy works and why it is a new disruptive technology that will have significant advantages over current existing mobile Optical Emission Spectroscopy.   In addition to a PowerPoint explanation of the technical features of equipment the presentation will include a live demonstration on real samples in which the analysis results will be projected for the attendees.

Download presentation here ThermoFisher2020

Allen Gress and Tony Heinz – Co-Chairs

Health and Liability Insurance Update

Mark Tedford, Tedford Insurance

The discussion will focus on the current insurance trends that are affecting the NDT Industry.  Techniques will be discussed on how to mitigate cost in your Property, Casualty, and Group Health Programs while still complying with your MSA (Medical Savings Account) and keeping your employees happy.

Download presentation here Tedford2020

The Hidden Cost of Hiring in Industrial Inspection
Chris Brenchley, Surehand, Inc.

As a follow-on to Mr. Brenchley’s presentation at the 2019 NDTMA Annual Conference, this session will provide an overview of macro trends in talent sourcing and recruiting, highlighting the hidden costs of hiring talent in the industrial inspection industry, and share results and insights from the first annual Surehand Talent Sourcing Survey: Industrial Inspection, conducted in Q4 2019. Attendees will also receive an update on Surehand’s progress, as promised during last year’s presentation to NDTMA members.

Download presentation here Brenchley2020

Tax Efficient Asset Management
Philip Bruneau & Matthew Veldman, Merrill Lynch

Taxes can be a major issue in managing retirement and brokerage accounts.  A targeted focus on mitigating tax drag on performance can go a long way to help maximize retirement and portfolio performance.

Download presentation here for this and the following presentation Bruneau & Veldman2020

Providing Care to Elderly Loved Ones and Understanding Medicare
Philip Bruneau & Matthew Veldman, Merrill Lynch

Caring for elderly loved ones can be stressful not only on finances but also on your personal life.  The speakers will share their insights on how to balance one’s life and one’s role as a caretaker.  Also discussed will be important advances in Medicare and ways to prepare for Medicare before and after a person becomes eligible.

The Art of Managing an NDT Certification Program
Eddie Pompa, Baker Hughes/GE

The current NDT certification landscape in North America has taken on a new face with the continued development of the ISO 9712 Third Party certification. As the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Central Certification Program continues to evolve, the Houston area market is seeking ways to manage these NDT professionals so that they can retain this much needed talent.

Download presentation here Pompa2020

NDT Training Methodologies Used in Digital Radiography
Blair O’Connell, Element Materials Technology

NDT technician training is one of the most valuable aspects of a companies’ role as stewards to our industry and the NDT profession. Too often our responsibility is circumvented by the need to get a person contributing to the bottom line as fast as possible.  In this presentation the speaker will offer an approach to training that his team is working with. They continue to refine the approach and work on training approaches at two of their labs. Both labs have differing workforce cultures that play a role in the training options.  The presentation will touch on their successes and some of the difficulties that they have had during the design and implementation of training.

Download presentation here O’Connell2020

Tony Sansavera and Eric Thams – Co-Chairs

The Glacial Rate of Technology Acceptance in NDT
Jeffrey Monks, The Equipcon Group

The speaker will be presenting a historical observation of various NDT technologies and the glacial pace of acceptance of these new technologies.  Citing historical examples, his presentation will demonstrate how usually, only after tragedies, were existing and proven techniques implemented.  After several years in the infrastructure industry, he began to question why we move so slow when it is possible to prevent rather than react to tragedies.

The presentation will also highlight opportunity cost wasted with slow adaptation of new technology and finally, commercial and technical specifications which are often written to be exclusionary of amazing technology.  Attendees will be able to relate to many of the topics discussed and should see the urgency to improve our industry’s glacial rate of new technology acceptance.

Download presentation here Monks2020

Preparing the Next Generation NDT – X-Ray laboratory
Matt Gormley & Jake Rickter, Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions

New facilities are being developed to produce the next generation of technology and parts. The demand for high technological jobs is extremely high with numerous NDT facilities having rapid changeover and difficult retention. Some of these facilities produce aerospace and critical parts requiring Level 3’s with experience and high levels of aptitude. Some companies are looking for outsourced inspection capability due to development and training costs associated with starting up.  PIXL (Pinnacle Industrial X-Ray Laboratory) opened in 2019 to support the development and production needs in this digital age of X-Ray.

Download presentation here Gormley & Rickter2020

The Value of Your Business: The Path to Growth – The Pitfalls of Destruction
Robert Regan, McCombie Group, LLC

Value creation is the foundation of any business; the raison d’être. Furthermore, knowing and growing the value of your business is critical for raising growth capital or maximizing sales price at your exit/liquidity event. It takes time, resources, and capabilities to build, sustain and increase the value of your business. And yet only a few stumbles or missteps to destroy it. This presentation will discuss ‘no regret moves’ any business owner can incorporate into their plans that will yield lasting benefits. We will also discuss a few common mistakes to avoid before an exit.

Download presentation here Regan2020

How to Maximize Your Marketing Return with a Multi-Channel Approach
Marybeth Miceli, We-NDT

LinkedIn, emailers, trade magazines, networking, digital advertising, etc. Today more than ever before, decision makers are consuming information from numerous sources. And while trade magazines may have hit the highest numbers of influencers and decision makers in the past, nowadays each individual has their own preferred medium. But being everything to all people can be time consuming and expensive. This presentation will cover how to effectively and efficiently prioritize messaging delivery channels, optimize your message, and execute a drip marketing program to accelerate sales.

Download presentation here Miceli2020

Building a Bulletproof Business
Erik Meier, Sandler Training

Erik Meier, President of Sandler Training-The Meier Group, developed an interest in the sales and management training business when he realized the need for people to get out of their own way in order to over-achieve. His favorite part of working as an advisor to organizations and individuals is in helping them to discover their true potential and value by eliminating their “head trash” and self-imposed limitations. In this presentation he will advise you how to “Stop Selling to Sell More” and avoid acting, sounding, looking, and feeling salesy to your prospects. In fact, he wants you to do the exact opposite.

Download presentation here Meier2020



Walt Cofer and Dennis Chedraui – Co-Chairs

NRC Update on Federal Regulatory Activities Affecting Industrial Radiography
Anthony McMurtray, USNRC

The presentation will provide an overview of current NRC regulatory activities affecting industrial radiography.  This update will include the following:  10 CFR Part 34 rulemaking and guidance changes to address the two-man rule and allow the use of digital dosimetry for the “permanent dose of record”; 10 CFR Part 37 security issues; escalated enforcement actions; Category 1 and Category 2 radioactive material financial assurance; and future changes to the Materials Inspection Program.

Download presentation here McMurtray2020

When to Pick the Fight: RAM (Radioactive Material) Regulation Enforcement

Chris Black, Energy Industry Academy

There is little variety in the language of applicable RAM regulations as Agreement States have “copied-and-pasted” over 90% of the federal regulations into their statutes. Regulatory Agencies expect Radiation Safety Officers to read the regulations to understand what is expected of their RAM operations. Yet, if the RAM regulations of two jurisdictions read the same, how do Licensees know if they are interpreted and enforced differently?

Licensees facing an enforcement proceeding are generally hesitant to disagree with the Regulatory Agency – doing business in a state with a proverbial target on their back is a scary proposition. Many Licensees agree to follow the newly communicated expectations and chalk up the penalties as the cost of doing business.

How does the Gamma Radiography industry improve its understanding of what is expected of its Licensees without learning every lesson the hard way?

How does a Licensee know when to pick the fight with a Regulatory Agency?

Download presentation here Black2020

Technical Session II

Bruce Pellegrino and Jerry Burke – Co-Chairs

The Role NDT Simulation and Simulators Play in the Future of NDT
Erica Schumacher, Extende, Inc.

As the NDT industry faces an aging work force and rapidly growing inspection technologies simultaneously, advanced tools such as NDT Simulation and inspection simulators become increasingly important.  Inspection simulators can help train new personnel, while assisting existing personnel in maintaining proficiency at detecting flaws without the size, space and cost associated with heavy metal mockups.  NDT Simulation helps in many ways from teaching new employees the physics of NDT, to testing computer prototypes of probes, evaluating different radiographic sources and optimizing inspection parameters.  All these simulation benefits save companies significant time and money.

Download presentation here Schumacher2020

Field Studies: Phased Array Analysis Software for Welds
Nick Bublitz & J. Mark Davis, VeriPhase

Phased Array Ultrasonics is now widely used for the inspection of welds across many industries. Despite the numerous benefits the technique provides, some people may still have reservations about the technique. In some scenarios the analysis process can take too long to meet schedules. There can also be concerns about how to validate the quality and code compliance of the phased array data they are being provided. Real world field studies have been compiled to illustrate how assisted analysis software programs can be used by both phased array service providers and service recipients to ensure quality inspections and code compliance, significantly reduce analysis times to meet schedules, increase detection of indications, and reduce inspection costs.

Download presentation here Bublitz& Davis2020

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA): A Joint Industry Program Success Story
Michael Nugent, PLI, Inc.

In 2010, there was a multi-fatality incident in a refinery that serious put into question the NDE community’s ability to reliable assess equipment conditions in High Temperature Hydrogen Service.  Through a Joint Industry Project (a consortium of 6-10 Owner Users), the deficiencies were indeed highlighted, reviewed and new approaches has led to major revisions in the inspection methodologies.  This has returned confidence to these types of inspections and has paved the way for Fitness for Service methodologies to evolve to meet the industry needs.  A brief overview of this 6 plus year project will be presented.

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